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Hi Folks,

I am a big fan of Indian Railways despite their problems its sheer size intrigues me. I am in a process putting the complete Timetable for Express Trains Throughout India soon... (Of Course If Time Permits). However Since I could not see the Most Scenic Konkan Route anywhere on the net I thought of putting the same here at First.

The Timings given here are of Departure of the Trains from the respective stations which you all are supposed to note. One more thing - Though I have taken utmost care mistakes if any are regretted & I'd like to advise you to recheck the correct timings before you start your journey.


Do tell me if U find This Data Usefull..

Thanks For Visiting…..

Trains On The Konkan Railway from Mumbai to Trivandrum

Trains On The Konkan Railway from Trivandrum To Mumbai.

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